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Shipping and Tracking

How do I track my order?
You can track your order on our website here: Track Your Order (https://en.bent... more
Where is my package?
Orders with free shipping/ economy shipping generally take 9 to 30 working days ... more
Why can’t I track my parcel online?
I don’t have a tracking number: Only orders sent by registered or express shippi... more
My parcel stops at Osaka on JP Post tracking page.
Don’t be alarmed if your package looks like it is stuck in Osaka on the JP Post ... more
How much does shipping cost?
Shipping costs vary depending on where you live, the weight of your package and ... more
My estimated delivery window has passed and I still haven’t received my package.
Keep in mind that estimated delivery windows DO NOT include weekends. Additional... more
My order has been confirmed but I haven’t received my shipment confirmation email.
A shipment confirmation email should be sent to you within three days of complet... more
How do I get free shipping?
We offer Free Shipping on orders over $79 USD to many countries! - Austra... more
What are the fastest shipping methods?
Express Shipping is our fastest shipping method. Depending on your location, exp... more
My product broke during shipping. Can I get a replacement/refund?
Yes, we guarantee our products to arrive in perfect condition. In the event that... more
What does ‘retention period’ mean on the Japan Post tracking page?
Retention means that your parcel is being held at your local Post Office and you... more
My package was sent back to Bento&co. Do I have to pay for shipping again?
Packages are sometimes sent back to our offices for a variety of reasons (custom... more